50 years of experience: CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH was founded in 1970 and forms part of the Hermsen Group, which has been active in the coffee industry for more than 90 years. As one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide, we offer decaffeination and steaming of green coffee using state-of-the-art processes.

We are dedicated to the highest quality standards and are constantly fine-tuning our services. We offer the processing of green coffee, but also its storage and transportation as well as coffee analysis. 

Our goal is to provide tailor-made solutions that meet our customer's needs.

With a modern and efficient production plant, CR3 has proven to be a reliable partner of the coffee industry for many years.

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung office building on company premises in Bremen Industriehafen

Company History

Das CR3 Logo in Original wie vom Gründer Manfred Hermsen erstellt


In 1970 the company CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen was founded. Under the management of Manfred Hermsen, the company has become a leading supplier of decaffeination and steam-treatment services.

Picture displaying CR3 in historic context with premises in Bremen-Industriehafen

Construction of the CO2 decaffeination plant

In 1988, after filing a patent application for a decaffeination process using natural, liquid carbon dioxide, a corresponding plant was built at the company site.


To this day, this particularly gentle decaffeination process is only offered by CR3.

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung in Bremen-Industriehafen provides decaffeination and steaming services

Expansion of the facilities

Between 1997 and 2004, CR3's decaffeination plants were modernized and expanded. Today CR3 operates highly automated and efficient manufacturing plants with high production capacity.

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH in Bremen-Industriehafen provides decaffeination and steaming services

50th Anniversary

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since its foundation CR3 established itself as a recognized partner in the coffee industry and looks forward to a continued successful future.

Picture of CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH's facility and office building in Bremen Industriehafen