Quality management at CR3

We are commited to continuosly improving the quality of our products and services. Over the last decades we at CR3 have built up expert knowledge about coffee, food production processes, quality assurance and food analysis. These competencies enable us to meet the requirements of our customers and to maintain the high quality standards to which we have committed ourselves.

Our commitment to integrity and customer orientation is also reflected in the large number of quality and compliance certificates. 







DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 (energy management)

As an industrial company, we bear responsibility for the optimal use of energy resources and the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency. The certification according to ISO 50.001 is supporting this effort.


EU-Bio according to VO 2018/848 (organic certificate)

Our decaffeination process with natural liquid carbon dioxide and all steaming processes have been certified according to the EU organic regulation since the 1990s.

BioSuisse Organic (Swiss organic standard)

The Swiss organic standard for food products.

Halal certificate

Halal certification for all services and products.


International Featured Standard Food (IFS)

CR3 has been continuosly IFS certified since 2005.

Kosher certification

Kosher certification for all services and products including Passover (Pessach).

Laboratory Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025

Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025 since 2005.

Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)

Our own JAS certification enables us to deliver EU organic goods directly to Japan as JAS certified goods.

US National Organic Programm (NOP) 7 CFR Part 205

Our own NOP certification enables us to deliver EU organic goods directly to the USA as NOP certified goods.

Rainforest Alliance

CR3 is Rainforest Alliance certified.