CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH Bildmarke und Logo mit Schriftzug
Die CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen GmbH ist ein Arbeitgeber in Bremen-Industriehafen der sich auf die Entkoffeinierung und Veredelung von Rohkaffee spezialisiert
The coffee processing icon represents the green coffee treatments and refinements as well as decaffeination that are carried out at CR3 in Bremen-Industriehäfen. Green coffee container with one bean
2. The laboratory icon represents the laboratory services performed by laboratory technicians under CR3-Analytik® in Bremen-Industriehäfen. Test glass with liquid and bean
2. The warehousing icon represents the warehousing services CR3 offers in Bremen-Industriehäfen. Green coffee storage in silo with bean
2. The logistics icon represents the logistics services that CR3 offers in Bremen-Industriehäfen, Gröpelingen. Hook with container
The R&D icon represents CR3's research and development activities in Bremen-Industriehäfen which are carried out in the laboratory and with laboratory assistants
The Personnel and HR icon represents the personnel department and the workers' representation at CR3 in Bremen-Industriehäfen. Employee, worker, employee in front of a wheel.

Coffee Processing

As one of the leading service providers for the processing of green coffee, we support the coffee industry around the world with various services in the field of decaffeination and steaming.

our processes

Coffee Processing tanks at CR3s facilities in Bremen-Industriehäfen which are used to decaffeinate and refine coffee

CR3 Analytik®

CR3 Analytik™ is a specialized laboratory for coffee and caffeine analysis. More than 30 laboratory specialists are exclusively involved in performing all relevant testing processes. More than 150,000 analyses are conducted every year for companies all over the world.

Caffeine content, moisture levels, pesticides - over 120 coffee-related parameters are analyzed throughout the year. 

CR3 Analytik® Laboratory technician carries out analysis with decaffeinated coffee beans in Bremen-Industriehäfen

Coffee Logistics

With our logistics infrastructure, the ability to handle sea containers and our large warehousing capacities we contribute to an efficient supply chain.


CR3 company premises with reception of containers from origin, visible employees, decaffeination halls and trucks at CR3-Kaffeeveredelung in Bremen-Industriehäfen

Research & Development

Research and development form an essential part of CR3's activities. Our R&D department focuses in particular on developing and optimizing technologies in the area of green coffee processing.

CR3-Kaffeeveredelung M. Hermsen R&D (Research and Development) at CR3-Analytik® with laboratory assistant and machinery for analysis in Bremen-Industriehäfen