Caffeine is a highly effective physiological substance, that can cause nervousness and agitation with sensitive coffee drinkers or if consumed excessively. Decaffeinated coffee is the ideal product for coffee lovers who do not desire the stimulating effect of caffeine, especially in the afternoon or evening.  

At CR3, we offer the decaffeination of green coffee with different methods. This enables us to meet the expectation in flexibility and efficiency of large industrial roasting companies as well as to offer the decaffeination of specialty and organic certified coffees. 


Since its invention by Karl Lendrich in the early 20th century water vapour is used to enrich the quality of green coffee. CR3’ various steaming processes are based on the Lendrich-process and have been steadily refined over the past 50 years. The processes are mainly used for the mild treatment of high quality Arabica coffees. Coffee treated in this way is free of many bitter substances and possesses a particularly fine and mild character.

With specially selected processing parameters, steaming is also used to enhance the taste of Robusta coffees.      

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If you have any questions about our processes or if you would like to receive an offer for the decaffeination of your coffee, please contact us by following the link below.

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Veredelung und Bearbeitung von Rohkaffee inklusive der Entkoffeinierung und Mildbearbeitung von Kaffee